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Overview of Inner Mongolia

In the north frontier area of the People's Republic of China lies a long and wide tract of land, she looks both like a galloping horse and a flying eagle. It is the beautiful and rich Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.
Location of Inner Mongolia Inner Mongolia is located at 37'30"-53'20" north latitude and 97'10"-126'2" east longitude with an area of 1.183 million square km, taking up 1/8 of that of our country and ranking the 3rd in China. Inner Mongolia has not only a large area but also geographical advantages, bordering on Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Jilin, Hebei, Shanxi, Shaangxi, Ningxia and Gansu Provinces in the east, south and west. It spans the northeast, north and northwest of China and is bounded by Russia and Mongolia in the north with a boundary line as long as 4221 km, thus becoming am important frontier for our country's opening to the outside world.

Geography of Inner Mongolia Inner Mongolia is located in the southeast of the famous Mongolia Highland with 50% of its area at 1000 ms above sea level with various and criss-crossing topography. There are numerous lakes and rivers in our Region with over 1000 rivers of various sizes, mainly the Yellow River, Errguna River, Nenjian River and West Liaohe River as the four major river systems. From the east to the west we have the 3 major ranges of Big Xingan Mountain, Yinshan Mountain and Helan Mountain, and the 4 main plains of Liaohe Plain, Songnen Plain, Tumochuan Plain and River Bend Plain.

Climate of Inner Mongolia Inner Mongolia is of typical mesothermal monsoon climate with a small and uneven rainfall and drastic changes in temperatures between summer and winter. The Region's average duration of sunshine is over 2700 hours with more than 3400 hours for some areas.

Ethnic Groups of Inner Mongolia Inner Mongolia is an area of multiple ethnic groups in the number of 49. We have a population of 23 million people, of whom there are 3.77 million Mongolians, 17.6 million Chinese and over 900000 people of the other minor nationalities. People of various ethnic groups all have a long history and brilliant cultures, have developed the frontier with painstaking efforts and made great contributions to the unity and development of our motherland.

Natural Resources of Inner Mongolia Inner Mongolia is wide in territory, long in history, rich in natural resources and is a special economic zone renowned as "treasure basin". It is well known that we have forestry in the east, iron in the west, grains in the south, animal husbandry in the north with mineral deposits everywhere with animal husbandry being the greatest advantage of our Region.

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